Time of Sale Shopping Tips

Sale TimeSale or clearance sale, maybe it says very attractive to people who like to shop, especially the women. When certain events, shopping center or mall held a lot of discount and closeout. At the time of discounts, many people become crazy to shop, because thinking of getting a cheap price and opportunity only occasionally. This means you can save money. But, is it true you’ve become a smart shopper with shopping when sale or closeout?

Midnight Sale

Midnight Sale now rife held in various malls. The mall is open until midnight and gives a discount on most of the existing stores in the mall. Malls are usually quiet at night, now full of visitors who want to hunt for discounts. It can be a challenge for enthusiast’s discount. Program midnight sale is usually held on a regular basis, for example at the end of the year.

Why Wait Sale?

Shopping can be advantageous when the discount is because money must be spent a little more and this is one way to save. For example, if the normal price you need to pay USD 100,000, – but because of the discount, you do not need to spend that much money. When the 50% discount means you only need to spend USDp 50.000, – for goods worth USD 100.000, -. Ideally, USD 50,000, – can be saved or for other purposes.

Tips when Shopping Discounts

However, in order not to get stuck with the word “Sale” or “Discount”, so as not to be crazy to buy all the goods, so that the credit card bill does not swell, so saving money is not used, try to consider the following:

  • Create a Note

Record the required items before you leave and make a commitment to yourself to remain focused to shop according to records. With the notes, you can have more control of your intention to shop, so items that only a desire not participate in the shopping cart.

  • Bring Cash

Bring a credit card will be spoiling you because you can buy items with just a card swipe. Bring cash according to the budget you could be able to “wake” you. With the expiration of the money in the wallet means you’re shopping done already.

  • Compare Prices

This is quite important, because sometimes the goods with labels Sale or Discount is not necessarily cheaper. Difference discounts may be only a few hundred dollars or even the fact that the goods are already in discount although not at a special event because there is a little older model or disability. In some items, the price of the goods may have been raised beforehand. Therefore, whenever possible, check the price of the same goods in other stores or if no time, check the goods via the Internet as a reference price that you are not deceived.

  • Invite Others

If you are among those who cannot resist the urge to shop, you should ask someone to accompany, for example, a husband, brother, or friend. So, if your shopping bag is full, the person can remind you. The most important thing in getting someone to accompany the person is sure to remind you and not someone whose hobby shop as well, because one-one that you will be “provoked” so that more items purchased.

  • Researching items to be purchased

Before deciding to buy, you’ll want to check in advance to find out if there are defects in the product or not. This especially applies to the current event discounts, as they may be given a discount because the goods are no defects. If you do not want the defective goods or defective large enough, then it should be considered whether the defective product with a comparable discount given. Some electronic products and furniture are often made ​​for the sale of used goods exhibition or which have manufacturing defects.

  • Select Appropriate Size Items

Closeout clothing or shoes is an exciting one for women. In fact, as tempted word “Hour” brings a feeling of wanting to have it immediately. Some women may be willing to buy clothes or shoes that do not fit in size. Even if you like it but if too small or too large, it will not be so comfortable and you only use it a few times before giving it to someone else.

Get the goods at a cheaper price when there is a sale or discount can certainly reduce the money must be spent. Make sure you really need the item and not be crazy while shopping.

Financial Checks for Financial Health

financial healthHave you ever done a financial check? Most of us never do. In fact, such a check is important to be able to immediately tell if there is a problem on your finances and can be addressed. If you have never done this kind of examination, the following information can be a picture of how financial checks done? Already healthy is your finances?

Financial health check aims to determine the true state of our finances than ideal financial standards. Although, financial checks important to improve your finances, but awareness for these checks are still rare in Indonesia.

Ideally, these checks should be done at least once a year. Most good if it could be done 3 times a year. Financial health check is recommended to be done if there is a major change concerning your finances and families, such as getting married, changing jobs, unemployment or death.

First Step Financial Check

The initial steps when your check is required to fill out financial forms to get data from the client. Data that should be noted include:

  • Income

On the income, will be asked to write a monthly regular income such as wages, income derived by such occasional THR (Allowance) or bonus.

  • Spending

All types of expenditure should be recorded in detail and detail. Starting from regular monthly expenditures that are certainly like school fees, cleaning fees, electricity, telephone, etc. So is the annual expenditure. All expenditure in small quantities should also be noted.

  • Asset

Form all of the assets or property that you have. Assets are grouped into several categories. First, current assets (e.g., the amount of savings in the bank, precious metals, etc.), non-current asset (e.g. house, land, etc.), and investment assets (e.g., mutual funds, bonds, and retirement savings), and consumption of assets (e.g.: cars, motorcycles, etc.).

  • Debt

Are obligations that you have? For example, mortgage (mortgage), KPM (Car Loan), KTA (Personal Loan), credit card debt or a debt not payable to financial institutions such as the family, relatives or friends.

  • Financial Goals

You will be asked to write down what your financial goals. For example, for the children’s education fund, saving for retirement, getting married, etc.

Examination Ratios Financial Health

After getting the data above will be seen whether or not your finances healthy. Some of the main comparison is the basis for assessing the client’s financial health is:

  • Liquidity ratio

Comparison of current assets with the routine expenses> 1

  • Saving ratio

Comparison Saving for investment with regular income> 10%

  • Debt ratio

Comparison of the debt with regular income <30%

Financial recommendations

If the result of the examination you look unhealthy financial, financial planner will help to resolve by looking at what is causing your finances are not ideal.

For example, if you owe consumer goods exceeds the capabilities, then you are encouraged to be careful in spending money. Other examples such as the amount of debt and interest to be paid, you must pay off the debt settlement, mainly to pay debts that have the greatest interest. Other cases, for example if you have too many credit cards and many consumer transactions by using it, you are advised to close existing credit card, leaving only one credit card with a small limit or do not use credit cards at all.

Financial health check is one way that you do not engage the financial problems that will complicate your life.

The Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is very important for a company where marketing strategy is a way of achieving the goal of a company. It is also supported by the opinion of Swastha “strategy is a series of great design that illustrates how a company should operate to achieve its goals.” So in running a small business is needed in particular through the development of marketing strategies. Due to the time critical conditions it is the small businesses that can provide revenue growth to the community. Marketing by W.Y. Stanton, marketing is something that covers the entire system related to plan objectives and determine the price up to promote and distribute goods and services that can satisfy the needs of actual and potential buyers. Based on the above definition, the marketing process begins of finding what is desired by the consumer. Which ultimately has the goal of marketing?

1. Potential consumer to know in detail the products that we produce and the company can provide all of their requests for products produced.
2. Companies can explain in detail all the activities related to marketing. These marketing activities include a variety of activities, ranging from a description of the product, product design, promotional products, advertising products, and communications to consumers, until the delivery of the product to reach the hands of consumers quickly.
3. Getting to know and understand the customer so that the product is suitable to him and may be sold by itself.

In general, marketing activities related to the coordination of several business activities. This marketing strategy is influenced by the following factors:

1. Micro factors, namely marketing intermediaries, suppliers, competitors and the community
2. Macro factors, namely demographic / economic, political / legal, technological / physical and social / cultural.

The following are the things that need to be considered for marketing: From the perspective of the seller:

1. Strategic place,
2. Product quality,
3. Competitive pricing, and
4. Vigorous campaign (promotion).

From the point of view of the consumer:

1. The needs and desires of consumers (customer needs and wants),
2. Consumer costs (cost to the customer),
3. Convenience (convenience), and
4. Communication (communication).

From what has been discussed above there are several things that can be concluded, that the manufacture of the products or services desired by the consumer should be the focus of a company’s operations and planning. Marketing is an ongoing need good coordination with various departments (not only in the marketing department alone), so as to create synergy in the efforts to carry out marketing activities.

History of marketing
History of Marketing along with the development of economic science.
It is inevitable that the development of modern economics also influenced by the cultural development of society, especially technology. The industrial revolution pioneered by James Watt with the invention of the steam engine, has changed the social order that had become orientated agricultural oriented industrialists. It is characterized by the construction of factories that are no longer driven by humans, but also by the engine, the greater the production capacity and the increasing needs of the community. The industrial revolution was also an important influence in the development of economics in general. For example, the economic system was oriented mercantilist and physical, now turning to capitalists under the banner of the ideas of Adam Smith.

Benefits Of Listening In A Business Listing

Registering in an enterprise listing is a really intelligent transfer to increase the prospects of any business. As a result of the Net has made all the issues very accessible, registering in an internet based enterprise listing could be very helpful to the native businesses.

Who would not need to broaden ones enterprise on this rapidly burgeoning economy? Where some folks distribute their pamphlets, playing cards or provide diverse promotional firms and products, some individuals merely simply register themselves in a very good enterprise directory.

Enterprise directories are actually helpful in promoting local corporations of an area thereby enhancing the sales of their companies and products. A web based enterprise listing has lots to offer once you get registered with them. The